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It is our informed belief that technology holds great potential to all enterprises - only insofar as it is deployed with a clear thought, business needs and commitment from enterprises the past and the present is witness to many blundered IT investments across multiple industry verticals. It is our strategic intent to adopt an approach that begins with clear business objectives first and only then evaluate the relevance, scope and impact of technology. We do not retrofit technology into business. BBMI is where we promote innovations.

We have built a large pool of highly trained people who understand industry processes, business requirements and technology solutions. Complemented by appropriate injection of top talent with deep service delivery as well as industry experience, the team has developed capability to deliver at par with the highest quality services available in the market. Our People Development strategy coupled with an innovative implementation model enables us to deliver this high quality level at the most competitive cost of services to our clients. BBMI Offshore Development Center is a dedicated pool of resources, managed by us, and functioning as a virtual extension of the customer's team.

This model is one of the most successful offshore models, a recent Forrester research shows that, among US companies who have been using the outsourcing model, over 70express a high degree of satisfaction. Many organizations today are looking at offshore centers for software development projects, but apprehensive about coordination, quality and culture issues. BBMI ODC Services aim to give you the advantages of offshore development by properly managing these diverse factors.


This revolutionary new technology has been long-expected. .NET framework's level of interoperability with other languages, applications and systems improves productivity by allowing developers to choose the programming language that best suits the project. Moreover, cross-language inheritance increases code reuse.

Benefits of employing .NET

High speed of development.
Availability of cross-platform migration.
Increased productivity.
Access to the opportunities of .NET Framework Library.
Relatively short learning curve for developers.
Easy configurations of applications and security.

Our .NET services in brief

Application development using .NET.
Web-based and stand-alone applications migration to .NET.
Re-engineering and Support of existing applications in .NET.
Porting of Legacy applications to .NET based application.
Windows Application Development.
Application development in .NET Compact framework.

Our .NET services in brief


BBMI is a leading provider of Embedded Technology Solutions with an extensive experience in hardware design services and system software solutions. We provide best-in-class embedded hardware and software services and solutions in the domain of Consumer Electronics, Industrial Automation, Communication and Network Equipments/Appliances.

Embedded Systems Service Offerings

Product Research and Development
Technology Evaluation, Feasibility Study, Solution Modeling and Simulation
Product Engineering
Hardware Design and Software Development
Product Sustenance Engineering
Support and Maintenance
Platform Management
Quality Assurance and Certification Testing

Embedded Systems Service Offerings

Working with Embedded / RTOS - Linux, VxWorks, Symbian, Nucleos, iTRON, pSOS
Porting of Embedded Operating Systems to ARM, MIPS, SH based hardwares Firmware, Monitor and Device Driver Development
Implementation, customization and optimization of Protocol Stacks (TCP/IP, 802.11, IEEE1394, SIP, RTP)
Design/Development of IEEE802.1 Open Network Protocol on Embedded Platform
Development and optimization of Cross Compilers and Tool chains
Development of networking components ( SNMP agents, bots )
Development of middleware components for STB ( Set Top Box )
Design/Development of VoIP client hardware and software. Optimization of VoIP PBX server components.

BBMI staffing team provides services specialty to IT Industry by providing flexible and permanent staffing solutions for hiring organizations and career management for job seekers in the specialty skill areas of:

Information Technology Industry
Media Industry
Finance Industry

When job candidates and client organizations come to BBMI ,they know they are connecting with a real person who knows the employment needs of the specific markets in which we specialize. They also know they have one of our many staffing professionals working as a representative for them to find the best fit for their needs.

From programmers and network operators to systems analysts and CIO's, BBMI has an exclusive database that is packed with the best candidates to handle system upgrades, training, installation, implementation, and development. BBMI can provide information technology consultants for project work, assist in helping you to find direct hire personnel or partner with your technology department to get the job done right. We also specialize in more sophisticated areas such as systems/applications programmers, systems analysts, and networking technicians.

We can sign, seal and deliver job candidates by offering skills assessment and validation tests. As a result, our job candidates can search for jobs more effectively, and client organizations in search of talent can cut their hiring time and expenses.