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Bill Payment Kiosk

Our bill payment kiosk allows your customers the convenience of being able to pay their bills from your location. Your customers can pay bills they have with over 110,000 companies that are currently registered within the bill payment system. Pay bills such as utility payments, cell-phone payments, credit cards, insurance payments, home loans and many more. You can add additional revenue to your location by utilizing the optional digital signage monitor and sell pre-paid phone cards all from the same bill payment kiosk.

BILL PAYMENTS TO "DIRECT NETWORK BILLERS": Payments paid to Direct network Billers will post paid with direct netwrok billers within 1-3 hours of transaction between normal business hours.

BILL PAYMENTS TO "IN NETWORK BILLERS": With over 110,000 companies within our database, such as phone companies, electric companies etc. Payments paid to In Network Billers will post paid within 1-3 days of customer transaction.